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Frequently Asked

What should I eat to be healthy?

The short answer is: Real Food. The Standard American Diet is so full of additives, preservatives, chemicals, dyes, conditioners – all of which are non-nutritive substances. Getting away from refined, processed food is a great first step, but there is almost always more work to be done.

Do I have to be vegetarian/vegan?

It depends. Just like the adage “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, “one man’s food is another man’s poison” is also true. A person might have food sensitivities, allergies or other metabolic issues that require not eating animal products. Unless you fall in one of these categories, you probably don’t have to give up animal products.

How do you feel about the Keto Diet?

Just like all other Therapeutic Dietary Protocols, the keto diet was designed to address specific metabolic conditions like seizure disorders or insulin resistance. For those individuals, “going keto” may be the best option for managing their conditions. For everyone else, it is unnecessary and unsustainable.


What diet is right for you? Talk to Aimee about how her Lifestyle Nutrition program can help you identify the best diet and lifestyle practices for you!

Is Nutrition Counseling expensive?

Considering the cost of prescription medication, doctor appointments, supplies and other medical intervention that is associated with conditions like Type II Diabetes or cardiovascular disease, this short-term financial investment equips you with tools that you can use for the rest of your life to help prevent diagnoses or manage current symptoms.


Nutrition Counseling services are not covered by insurance; however, you may be able to use your HMO’s FSA account.


How can you afford Nutrition Counseling? Click here to learn more about payment options available.

What should I expect?

Your health and wellness involve more than what you eat & drink or how much you exercise. Our programs are designed to help you develop diet and lifestyle that truly nourish you – mentally, physically and spiritually. Self-Assessments and daily journaling prompts help you discover your purpose and motivation, and allow you to objectively evaluate how your choices impact your results. One-on-one programs include setting SMART goals and counseling sessions to help you stay accountable.


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